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Author: · April 2, 2013

0b61fd970393747bff17c9505d31d5d8Last weeks kick off of Decorate Your Space/Dorm 2013 was an exciting way for our hostesses, who were upcoming college freshman, to share the excitement of decorating their dorm with their friends. Many hours were spent pouring over the newest and most up to date fabrics in order to appeal to the fashion sense of today’s young woman.

It was imperative to us that the bedding and designs not only be attractive but also functional. The black out function of the window treatments was a big hit with the girls who apparently were anticipating sleeping in late on some of those college weekends. New fabrics continue to come in and we are booking parties now targeting the local high school seniors/upcoming college freshman.

We have hit the ground running with Decorate Your Space/Dorm 2013 and we couldn’t be more excited about this project! Contact us to find out more.

Q: Hi Laura, My daughter is attending college as a freshman this year and moving into the dorms. We are totally lost as to what we need to send with her. Do you have any suggestions as to how to decorate the dorm? Do the beds in a bag really do the trick??
-Patti S, St. Louis, MO

A: Hi Patti, you have come to the right place with this question. As a group we have sent quite a few of our kids to college and decorating a dorm room has its difficulties. In response, we have just rolled out a program that we are calling Dorm Room 2013/Decorate Your Space. This program targets rising college students in dorms and/or apartments. We searched for fabrics that would appeal to this age group by targeting fashion inspirations and young women’s styling choices. By mixing and matching fabrics and balancing the concept that the function of the item was just as important as the visual appeal, we have come up with a program that we are very excited about, which highlights three young, fresh collections appealing to a wide variety of styles and tastes.

Decorating dorm rooms can be tricky when approaching the bed. Our bedding set contains:


  1. Either two or three sides of a bed skirt in the fabric the student chooses which then velcros into place and allows the bed skirt to conform to adjustable lengths. This is very important when figuring out whether the students will be lofting the beds and the height they chose to loft. By offering a bed skirt in up to three pieces it gives the flexibility to determine how the beds are best configured in the room and how many sides of the bed are visible. This takes the anxiety away from trying to force your bed placement to work with the bedding as would be the case with a “bed in a bag.”
  2. A king size sham that is in the same fabric as the bed skirt and lends itself to “wow factor” that all college kids love. We have selected a duvet that is in a neutral cream color with coordinating piping depending on the main fabric that the student chooses.
  3. We finish off the bed with a basket weave pillow complete with personal monogram.
  4. But, the favorite item among the students we have worked with seems to be our window treatments which combines the fabric and a black out feature for those late morning sleep ins. I’m sure you are aware that all college students seem to lose the ability to differentiate between their days and nights!

We hope this helps you out! Please feel free to follow us on Pinterest at Laura Ramsey Interiors. You can then see the inspiration boards that we used when developing the program. We have a Facebook page that we use to introduce new programs and merchandise in the store. We, also, run contests. Who doesn’t love a good contest? Thanks for writing to us and Asking Laura Ramsey.

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