Author: · June 4, 2013


5967143b7406ef077b54bed0c664ff94I was watching the classic movie Forrest Gump the other night and it made me nostalgic for the good old days when people regularly sat on their porches relaxing and talking to loved ones and neighbors. Every once in awhile, a client will ask us to design a porch for them. It’s always so much fun to create a living area outdoors. At the store we carry numerous lines of outdoor furniture and fabrics. Some of the outdoor fabrics feel and look so beautiful we can use them on our indoor upholstery. Mothers with young children are crazy about the durability these fabrics offer. We started talking about what makes a porch stand out from the rest? I think we came up with some good examples of what makes the difference to us.

We love the symmetry of the furniture on this porch and the stripes in the fabric. It feels like it would be a great place to fall asleep reading your favorite book.

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