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Author: · July 2, 2013

Every once in a while we get a visit from our Lee Industries rep, Billy Coley. Billy is a charming southern boy through and through, and we always look forward to his visits. It would be hard not to enjoy Billy’s exuberant personality alone, but along with the personality he brings with him an incredible knowledge of the furniture industry. His latest visit got us thinking about how the furniture we purchase for the store and order for our clients has changed over the years. People aren’t decorating a room anymore to be looked at fondly from another room. Today’s clients want the beauty of a well designed room, as well as the livability that comes with truly using every room in a home. Lee Industries does a great job offering high-style designs and comfort at the same time. While researching some upholstery pieces for a client on the Lee Industries website, we saw that Lee had gorgeous product photos that proved our point entirely. So as the saying goes, ” a picture is worth a thousand words”!

When we saw this photo, we knew this had to be our blog for the week. Billy Coley was so impressed by this enormous piece of artwork he had seen of an elephant swimming that he could barely contain his excitement while describing it to us. So, when we happened to come across this photo on the Lee Industries website we saw first hand what Billy had been talking about. And Billy, you were right, it is impressive! The combination of the gorgeous artwork with the use of the grayish purple fabric on the bench seat sofa is stunning. Seriously, what a conversation starter!


We love the idea that the sectional is back, updated, and fabulous! Say good-bye to the days when the sectional was the family “media room” and dinner table and hello to high style mixed with high functionality.


The combination of the high style look of this couch and the casual feel of the slipcover work together to make this room feel fashionable and comfortable. We also love the use of the one chartreuse green pillow that perfectly pulls in the color of the artwork. Brilliant.


The use of these bright green chairs against the light color of the sofa makes this whole room pop. We love the statement the green chairs make in combination with the light sofa and the one leather chair. Nicely done.


The tufted ottoman in this picture caught our attention and we can just imagine serving drinks to our guests on an antique tray and then placing it on the ottoman. A tufted ottoman adds a certain level of comfort and coziness to the area and softens the look.


We love how Lee has mixed the formal fabric and style of the sofa with the casual feel of the slip covered chair. The impeccable use of complementary paint colors, neutral fabrics on the upholstery, and the one striped lumbar pillow brings this whole room together beautifully. Simply gorgeous!

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