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Author: · August 20, 2013

A newly married couple came into the store and were looking for some guidance about choosing paint colors for their modest home. Luckily, we have quite a few years of experience with paint and a resident paint expert at the store, Kathy Hansard. Kathy had some great tips for our couple.

  • Decide what color hues you are attracted to and do you want your house to say about you. Is it a neutral and calm oasis or a colorful statement describing your personality?
    Laura Ramsey Interiors – Green Room
  • Since homes need to flow from one room to another, what colors blend and work well together? Most paint stores will help you determine what paint colors work together and many have displays/ brochures that can guide you in your efforts.
  • What is the layout of your home? Is it open and spacious with visibility from one room to the next or are the rooms smaller and cozy? Remember that dark colors tend to make a space feel smaller and lighter colors tend to make a space feel larger. How much natural light the room gets can also help you determine what colors
    you choose from room to room.
  • The furniture and fabrics you have or will be choosing also affects your paint choice. Large and bold fabrics tend to look better with neutral walls so that the fabrics are the focal point. Picking monochromatic fabrics on your upholstery allows you to use paint, pillows, lamps and accessories as your pops of color.

Again, you want the home to be your sanctuary. What makes you feel cozy and comfortable? Remember, your home, whether it’s a small space or an estate, it is an extension of yourself! Visit our Pinterest Boards HERE for great ideas on the use of color in your home.

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