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Author: · September 24, 2013

eb538ec71340325dc049cb5fd0d8c40bMany homeowners today have started to renovate their current property, or downsize to a smaller “space”. As with any trend, this is changing the mindset of the average consumer. Gone are the days when more always meant better. Say hello to utilizing every space in your home and maximizing your living areas.

Marketing to those in small spaces has become big business. The smaller apartment sofa has taken it’s rightful place next to it’s larger and bulkier cousin, the 93 inch sofa. Many living and family rooms are simply unable to accommodate a full size sofa so the smaller, more compact apartment sofa can solve the problem. One of our most popular small sofas is the Lee 1009-02, a favorite with our regular designer customers.

Couple this sofa with two of our Lee 2350-01 Chairs and you have instant comfort, as seen below in one of favorite interior projects.

92ec5d02efd5129d4fb0944306b1c9fbTo break up the upholstery while still adding function, the Seattle Table and the Disc End Tables are large enough to place a book and a drink on without taking up a lot of room. Behind the sofa, add the Sherfield Console Table for the warmth of wood and the function of a table to place lamps of your choice. We especially like the Kate Lamp in either the Polished Nickel or the Natural Brass. These lamps can bring a great sense of style to any room in your home.

Homeowners are finding ways to maximize sitting areas in their smaller spaces while also creating cozy nooks. Because of this, we’re excited to be offering a line of furniture and accessories on our website that is specifically targeting those that have space constraints, but also want to create a warm and cozy home. For some inspiration on how you can transform a small space, check out the photos below.


We love the idea of a secret reading nook on a porch. We imagine sneaking out there on a cool November afternoon with a glass of lemonade and a good book.


By utilizing two benches on either side of a table, you lose the bulkiness of 6 to 8 chairs pushed up against it and create a cozy dining experience.


We love the way this attic space has been converted into a bedroom. By using a daybed instead of a traditional bed, the space doubles as a bedroom and a sitting area. Great utilization of space.


This is one of the most inviting window seats we have seen. By adding this seat to the window, the homeowner has created a little nook to read or gather one’s thoughts.


By using white on the walls and in the upholstery, the space appears larger and more open than it actually is.


The homeowner of this home used counter stools to address eating in the kitchen and used what would typically be the space designated for the kitchen table as a comfortable conversation area.

As designers we want you to use all the space in your home to create a living area where you want to spend your time. Your home is your castle, no matter the size, so treat it like that. As the saying goes, there is no place like home.

Until next time,
Laura Ramsey

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