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Author: · August 25, 2015

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Tips for your first place:

There is something really special about your first home. Whether it is an apartment, condo, or townhouse, young adults usually do not have loads of money to spend on furniture and accessories. However, this is one of the most exciting parts of being out on your own  (officially!). After watching my daughter decorate her own place, I have put together a list of what I think are investment pieces every young adult should buy for their first place.

1. Rug: A good rug will really make an impact in a standard apartment or townhouse. No matter what age, whether you have young children, or are single, we love Dash and Albert’s indoor/outdoor rug collection. They are practical, soft, and come in great color and patterns. Putting something attractive on the floor , even on top of carpet, makes the space less cookie cutter and more custom.

2. Bedding: Your bedroom is your sanctuary so it should be the most COMFORTABLE place in your home. Invest in soft, quality sheets and layer your bed with a quilt, duvet, and lots of pillows. You’ll feel like a princess every time you get ready for bed.

3. Pillows: Pillows will also be the most inexpensive way to bring color into your home. Plus, they are the easiest to change when you are ready for something new.  Start with a good quality filler – we prefer down/feather if allergies are not an issue.  Many pillow covers come with zippers or buttons for an easy change from season to season or room to room.

4. Drapes: Draperies instantly make a house feel like a home; warm and welcoming.  Without drapes a house can feel cold and bare. Although drapes can be very expensive, our ready-made drapery line makes it affordable for almost any budget. (*Call to inquire about our ready-made drapes).  This apartment shows how draperies soften a room without blowing the budget.

5. Sofa: Although this is not the most budget-friendly, it is the one piece that you will keep for 10+ years. You will not regret investing in a quality piece of upholstery. For the longest lasting look, stay neutral and add your colors with accessories.

6.  Leave room to edit and refine:  Part of the fun of having your own place is looking for items that make it unique and special.  So don’t try to have it completely furnished when you move in – leave room for that great looking throw or framed piece of artwork you find while enjoying your well earned weekend.


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