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Author: · December 16, 2015


Last week I had a conversation with an older gentleman, J.R. ,  who said something that has stayed with me .  When I asked him if he was looking forward to Christmas he replied ” At my age honey,  everyday is Christmas!”   I laughed and went on my way but what he said kept coming back to me.   So I thought of days sprinkled with Christmas and what they would look like and I realized my previous week had been just that.

Christmas was a phone call from my mother inviting me to stop by for she had just made a blackberry cobbler – my favorite food on earth!  It’s the time a friend took on his busy Saturday morning to listen to the bruises on my heart. Or my coworker Kathy, who discovers my mistake on a major order, sees my panic stricken face, and assures me she will fix the issue.  It’s the sorority sisters who trek from far and wide to share a meal at my home and reconnect.  Christmas is running into a vendor I haven’t seen in some time who after catching up says ” you look great Laura” , I blush and laugh it off and he says ” I’m not kidding. I know what I’m talking about!”  It’s the weekly Monday afternoon visit from my brother Chris and niece Carly, bringing me coffee and a time to catch up before they head on their way.  Christmas is the daily calls I receive from my girls, sometimes it’s a quick check in, other times a lengthy conversation about their day and just recently a tearful call of homesickness and “just want to be home with you mama.”

All of these were gifts of time and a kind word, things without a price, gifts that will last in my heart.  It is my hope and prayer that we can all be someone’s daily Christmas, that we see the chance to add a little of that holiday sparkle – even in March, June or September – to someone’s otherwise listless day, giving the gift of a listening ear and an open heart.  J.R. was right.  Everyday can be Christmas.

Merry Christmas !

Laura Ramsey
Kathy Hansard
Celeste Cox
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