An Everyday Christmas

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Last week I had a conversation with an older gentleman, J.R. ,  who said something that has stayed with me .  When I asked him if he was looking forward to Christmas he replied ” At my age honey,  everyday is Christmas!”   I laughed and went on my way but what he said kept coming back to me.   So I thought of days sprinkled with Christmas and what they would look like and I realized my previous week had been just that.

Christmas was a phone call from my mother inviting me to stop by for she had just made a blackberry cobbler – my favorite food on earth!  It’s the time a friend took on his busy Saturday morning to listen to the bruises on my heart. Or my coworker Kathy, who discovers my mistake on a major order, sees my panic stricken face, and assures me she will fix the issue.  It’s the sorority sisters who trek from far and wide to share a meal at my home and reconnect.  Christmas is running into a vendor I haven’t seen in some time who after catching up says ” you look great Laura” , I blush and laugh it off and he says ” I’m not kidding. I know what I’m talking about!”  It’s the weekly Monday afternoon visit from my brother Chris and niece Carly, bringing me coffee and a time to catch up before they head on their way.  Christmas is the daily calls I receive from my girls, sometimes it’s a quick check in, other times a lengthy conversation about their day and just recently a tearful call of homesickness and “just want to be home with you mama.”

All of these were gifts of time and a kind word, things without a price, gifts that will last in my heart.  It is my hope and prayer that we can all be someone’s daily Christmas, that we see the chance to add a little of that holiday sparkle – even in March, June or September – to someone’s otherwise listless day, giving the gift of a listening ear and an open heart.  J.R. was right.  Everyday can be Christmas.

Merry Christmas !

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Inspiring Christmas Tree Designs

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Our trees are decorated, what about yours? We have have chosen a few of our favorite Christmas tree ideas from some of our favorite blogs and websites to inspire you. Be creative this holiday season and decorate like you have never decorated before! Merry Christmas!

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

Wishing for an Old-fashion Christmas? We love this Charlie Brown tree paired with popcorn garland and colorful ornaments. Courtesy of An Urban Cottage Blog.


White Christmas Tree
Dreaming of a white Christmas? You can recreate these looks from Better Homes and Gardens. White furniture slip covers pair beautifully with natural rugs and accessories. Wrap all of your gifts in white and natural paper and you will have a very festive home!

Glamorous Christmas Tree

This glitzy décor is perfect if you are planning an extravagant Christmas party! You will dazzle your guest with this silver and green combination. Photo courtesy of Home Designing.

Nautical Christmas Tree

Nautical Christmas Tree
Planning on spending Christmas somewhere tropical? Or, maybe your home is a vacation spot. You can still decorate for Christmas with this nautical inspired tree (via Sand and Sisal). Seashell ornaments and blue and white wrapping paper is all you need to keep the beach theme during Christmas!

Rustic Christmas Tree

Rustic Christmas Tree
Pinecones, burlap, and sticks. Can we say rustic? This tree is perfect for a lake house or a home in the mountains. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Small Space Christmas Tree

Small Space Christmas Tree
Just because you live in an apartment does not mean you can’t decorate for Christmas. A small table tree, wreath, and a string of lights is all you need to make your small space fabulous! Just look at this simple décor from Gracefully Searching.

Boy’s Christmas TreeGirl’s Christmas Tree

Children’s Christmas Trees
Kids love Christmas. Oh, how they would love a tree of their own! A small pink tree like this one featured on Cinnamon Rose Cottage Blog with girly ornaments will delight any little girl. A young boy will love a sports themed tree in his room (Real Simple).

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