An Everyday Christmas

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Last week I had a conversation with an older gentleman, J.R. ,  who said something that has stayed with me .  When I asked him if he was looking forward to Christmas he replied ” At my age honey,  everyday is Christmas!”   I laughed and went on my way but what he said kept coming back to me.   So I thought of days sprinkled with Christmas and what they would look like and I realized my previous week had been just that.

Christmas was a phone call from my mother inviting me to stop by for she had just made a blackberry cobbler – my favorite food on earth!  It’s the time a friend took on his busy Saturday morning to listen to the bruises on my heart. Or my coworker Kathy, who discovers my mistake on a major order, sees my panic stricken face, and assures me she will fix the issue.  It’s the sorority sisters who trek from far and wide to share a meal at my home and reconnect.  Christmas is running into a vendor I haven’t seen in some time who after catching up says ” you look great Laura” , I blush and laugh it off and he says ” I’m not kidding. I know what I’m talking about!”  It’s the weekly Monday afternoon visit from my brother Chris and niece Carly, bringing me coffee and a time to catch up before they head on their way.  Christmas is the daily calls I receive from my girls, sometimes it’s a quick check in, other times a lengthy conversation about their day and just recently a tearful call of homesickness and “just want to be home with you mama.”

All of these were gifts of time and a kind word, things without a price, gifts that will last in my heart.  It is my hope and prayer that we can all be someone’s daily Christmas, that we see the chance to add a little of that holiday sparkle – even in March, June or September – to someone’s otherwise listless day, giving the gift of a listening ear and an open heart.  J.R. was right.  Everyday can be Christmas.

Merry Christmas !

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Apartment Living

One of our employees, Danielle, moved to Washington, D.C. with her husband last year. The furniture they were using was soft, worn out and hurting their backs. Since they live in a small apartment, the living room is where they relax, eat dinner and spend time with guests. They needed enough furniture to be able to hosts a few friends over for a Georgia game but did not have the space for several pieces. Danielle has always loved LEE Industries’ upholstery and knew that she wanted to furnish her apartment in that. After making a list of what they each wanted and did not want, they went on a hunt for the perfect sofa and chair.

After deciding on a tight back sofa to prevent someone from getting stuck in the crack, and a bench seat that allows for comfortable napping on a Saturday afternoon, they settled on the LEE 3106-03 in Crypton Zag Indigo fabric with fruitwood oak stain for the legs.

Her husband wanted a “man chair” that was sleek but also reclined. He chose the LEE 1974-01R in a stunning plaid fabric (Chester Lagoon) with fruitwood stain for the arms and legs. They completed this living room look with a LEE 9461-90 bench in Simon Truffle fabric and a khaki and white Diamond Rug from Dash and Albert.


Ottoman.LR.1000px Sofa.LR.1000pxChair.LR.1000px


Danielle wanted a clean, soft bedroom without it being too girly (every newlywed’s challenge). She used our ready-made linen drapes in both the living room and bedroom. A simple, taupe quilt with matching shams, a Pine Cone Hill white duvet and a striped throw and lumbar pillow created a room with both feminine and masculine details.




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Plaid Inspiration

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Plaid Blog

We love plaid, especially this time of year. Schumacher’s modern take on a classic pattern has inspired us to search for other ways to use plaid. Create a warm and inviting home for your guests by tossing plaid pillows on the hearth and using a plaid blanket as the tree skirt and tablecloth. Really impress your guests by wrapping your gifts in plaid cloth napkins tied with twine and decorated with winter greenery. As you are setting up the tree and adding last minute touches to your décor, incorporate plaid to make your home look cozy and inviting for your family and friends this Christmas.

Plaid Styles


1. Schumacher’s Brushed Plaid in Aged Silver
2. Ralph Lauren
3. Plaid Wrapping Paper via Craft Berry Bush Blog
4. Schumacher’s Chesterfield Plaid in Cottage
5. Table Setting via Sweet Something Design Blog
6. Schumacher’s Alexander Tartan
7. Plaid Skirt via Cupcakes and Cashmere Blog
8. Schumacher’s Montana Wool Plaid
9. Schumacher’s Bancroft Wool Throw

Color Palette Inspiration

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The summer is quickly coming to an end here in Atlanta. The back to school things have been bought and the kids have headed back to school. All of us at LAURA RAMSEY FURNITURE AND INTERIORS had the opportunity this summer to get away for great family vacations and recharged our batteries. The true glory of a vacation is that it allows us to slow down and stop for a minute to see the beauty that is literally all around us. Just thinking about the sound of a child’s laughter, or seeing a wave break on the shore while sea gulls call to each other, makes you stop and think about how much beauty is right in front of us all of the time.

Where does our color inspiration come from? When our eyes take in a beautiful sight are we really seeing it? Are we slowing down to smell the roses and thinking that’s enough? Or are we missing the beauty that this world places in front of us everyday? As designers, we were mesmerized by these gorgeous photos and the color palettes that they inspired. Do you want to redecorate a family room, design a new baby’s bedroom or romanticize a master bedroom? Then stop and take notice of the beauty that surrounds you. These are some of the beautiful images and inspired color palettes that have made us stop and take notice.


The intensity of the grays in the storm clouds against the clean color of the breaking waves is so calming. Then you add in the pop of the color of the red umbrella and wow!


We dare you to not find the various hues of the blues in this crashing wave not only soothing, but also utterly beautiful. Can you see a sun room or kitchen designed around the palette that this photo inspired?


Are we vacationing in the Pacific Northwest? Exploring the glories of Ireland or enjoying a cool, morning mist on an island in Hawaii? I guess it doesn’t really matter, all we know is that we are calm and serene when we see the beauty of the color palette that is inspired by this photo.


The monochromatic colors of this aged farm table against both the patina of the silverware, and the crispness of the white in the napkin, make this palette very soothing. It makes us wish it was a Sunday afternoon and we were heading for a favorite spot with a good book.


These turquoise doors, in what we hope is some faraway coastal village, are a great example of the wonderful beauty the world has to offer. Someone probably walks through these doors every morning and evening. We hope they take the time to stop to look at the glorious vibrancy of the color that adds to the beauty in their daily life.


The floral arrangement’s vibrant yellows, reds and oranges against the neutral tans in this photo makes us happy. Are you feeling blue? Walk into a room with this arrangement and you may just start having a different day.


This gorgeous photo of a simple flower and the color palette it projects is a perfect example of something that is around us all the time and the beauty it inspires! Imagine a daughter’s bedroom done in these colors. Gorgeous!

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