Lake Lanier Home: Stage 3

This Lake Lanier home has been such a treat to work on. Our stage 1 blog post focused on the planning stage of this lakehouse. Once the paint, stains, and construction details of the home were all selected we moved onto choosing the furniture, which we talk about in our stage 2 post.  Lots of natural light streams through the giant windows located in the living area overlooking the lake. To keep with the relaxed feel of a lakehouse, we used comfortable upholstery in the living area. Detail and contrast were added with the use of  dark toned chandeliers in the foyer, dining area, and over the sink which were selected from our online store.


When the homeowners chose Miller Oat fabric for the 7042-03 sofa and Blake Bisque for the 1011-01 swivel chairs, both neutral fabrics,  we knew we would need to add pops of color with accessories. Green is a favorite of our clients so the use of bright green pillows and the brown and green Lee Jofa print for the other pillows  gave us the pop of color we needed.  LEE Industries leopard print pillows added texture to the swivel chairs.  After testing several green rugs in the living area, we decided on a Dash and Albert plaid jute rug in a moss green.





We continued the green color scheme throughout the dining area with LEE Industries slipcovered dining chairs in Inca Pistachio, a cotton blend fabric with pin striped detailing. We then filled the rest of the dining table with simple linen slipcovered chairs to keep the crisp look of a lakehouse. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy breakfast with that kind of view?


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Summer Decorating

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It was such a long and rainy winter down south that I really want my house to reflect that summer has finally arrived! How can I accomplish decorating for the summer without having to change my current sofa and chairs. I need to decorate on a budget. Any suggestions?

-Leslie M. Atlanta, Ga.

It was a long and wet winter wasn’t it? You aren’t the only one who wants to invite summer in and ask it to stay around awhile! We get this question a lot in our store.

A great way to immediately change the look of a room is by updating your pillows and if possible a throw rug. By freshening up the look of the pillows and the rug you can brighten and change the ambiance of a room to reflect the change in seasons. Look at our website, for fun rugs. We carry Dash and Albert and they are on the leading edge for bright and colorful floor coverings that don’t break the budget.

c94a6ff9a4b6e3ca945bccb7d72c2a1fAnother idea we love is to bring the outdoors in with the help of fresh flowers. Check local thrift stores for colored glassware pitchers or pottery. Add some flowers from a local farmers market or better yet from your garden and voile’ an instant dose of summer.

We have become big fans of Pinterest and love some of the easy decorating ideas we find on there. Recently we saw someone take an old birdcage and spray paint it white. Inside the birdcage they added battery operated LED candles of varying sizes and heights set on a timer. The result was a light and bright summer time decoration on any budget. Please feel free to follow us on Pinterest at Laura Ramsey Interiors. Enjoy your summer!

Laura Ramsey

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